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Trend Creator stands as a unique furniture solutions provider in this ever changing world. We aimed to provide a very exclusive and holistic services by balancing the shopping experience between traditional furniture shop and the e-commerce market. We emphasize on creating trendy but timeless furniture designs for your home & business which suit your needs.


The Existence

Trend Creator strives to balance the inconveniences shopping experience between retail and e-commerce furniture providers.

We specialized in furniture design. We aimed to provide professional advice and recommendation on your furniture’s needs and requests. No pushy sales.


The Convenience

We partnered with professional and recognized interior designers who dedicated most of the time in understanding and fulfilling your needs and requirements.

We treat customer with respect and aim to provide you the best service experience on furniture shopping.

 The Value

Our products are all directly from manufacturers, no middlemen involved and it allowed us to keep our pricing as competitive.


The Specialty

We are a passionate and professional team of furniture designers. All of our products are customizable with a wide range of designs and colors. Most importantly, we advocate exclusive crafted design and no long waiting time due to mass market order and production.


The Product & Quality

Our products are all hand-picked and customisable; The timber materials of our furniture are all selected and origin from Malaysia.



Complimentary Consultation !

To discuss your needs and concerns. We will do our best to provide professional advice and recommendation.


Love at first sight?

 Saw the furniture you like from our website / catalogue? Contact us and place your order with us today!


Visualizing something unique?

Having special ideas/requests?

Let us know! We are always ready to build your desired piece.


Opening up new office space?

Changing a new look for biz space? 

We offer practical and suitable items which match your business branding!


Setting up new restaurant? 

Revamping F&B branding? 

Share with us your idea, we design and build furniture to suit your concept!


Getting your flat? Bought a house?

Want to get new sofa, table...etc? 

Create the trend and build your dream house together with us!